Weapons Council

Introduction “Article 26 Reviews”

Article 36 of Additional Protocol I of the 1949 Geneva Conventions imposes an obligation on states to conduct a process, often referred to as a ‘weapon review’ (or colloquially: an ‘Article 36 review), to assess the lawfulness of the procurement of all new weapons.


In this simulation students will evaluate the legitimate security needs of a specified country, its history of fulfilling legal obligations, and the political / strategic environment in which it is enmeshed in consideration of it application to acquire new and or advanced weapons systems. The ultimate objective will be to forge an international treaty which effectively and comprehensively deals with these issues.


Delegation Representatives

Security Council



Liv                                    2

NATO – Europe

April                               15


Anastasiya                    19


Natalia                            6


Parties to the Conflict


Syrian Regime

Kayla                               7

Iran / Hezbollah

Jesse                             17

Gulf Cooperative Council

Kailyn                            14


Omed                            10

North Korea

Rawa                               3


John                              20


International  Regimes / Orgs


OPCW / Australia Group

Jacqueline                     16


Rachel                             8

IAEA/NSG/Zangger ++

Alex                                 4


Gabrielle                       12

UN Office of Disarmament Affairs

Mark                              13


Dominic                          5


Position Papers

Country Briefs

Turkey Position Paper

Michelle Prince -- April 20, 2019
Turkey Position Paper

Brazil Position Paper

Jocelyn Vangundy -- April 18, 2019

DRC country brief.

Killian Fargas -- April 18, 2019
  University of Denver Colorado   Conflict In The Congo Killian Harvey Fargas International Arms Control 4002 Professor Dr. Martin Widzer April 8, 2019     Democratic Republic of the Congo is a central sub-Saharan nation with an estimated 24 trillion dollars of natural resources comprised ofcobalt, gold, coltan, diamonds, copper, uranium, oil all of Read More

Ukraine Position – LAATT

Chloe Lehnerz -- April 17, 2019
Permanent Ambassador to Ukraine Amb. Chloe Lehnerz Latin America Arms Trade Treaty (LAATT) 2019 Thank you, Secretary Rodriguez, for your oversight of this important treaty. Member States and fellow Ambassadors, we are here today to work towards a safer and more peaceful Latin American region. The small arms trade has clearly contributed to the mounting Read More

Mexico Brief

Kalvin Shinrock -- April 16, 2019

Venezuela Position Paper

Andrew Blanco -- April 16, 2019

Israel’s Position Paper on the Latin American Arms Trade Treaty

Mark Metzler -- April 15, 2019
Israel is a nation always on the brink of armed conflict. Israel’s neighboring nations have demonstrated no lack of animosity toward Israel. Israel exists in a state of constant vigilance and preparedness. As a people of the jewish faith, peace is of tantamount importance, but years of struggle and conflict has hardened Israel and its Read More

Opening Speech of Latin American Conference of the United States

Richard Perez -- April 11, 2019

Turkey Profil

Michelle Prince -- March 26, 2019
Turkey Country Profile


Andrew Blanco -- March 20, 2019
Taiwan or the Republic of China located in southeast Asia, with mainland China to the west, and the Philippines and the south China sea to the south. The first settlers of the island arrived in the 16th century. During the end of World War II China was in the mist of a civil war between Read More

Republic of Lithuania

Kalvin Shinrock -- March 20, 2019
Republic of Lithuania Country Brief   Country Objectives Lithuania is in close proximity to the Russian Federation and borders The Russian exclave, Kaliningrad. My country has a lengthy history of strong, positive diplomatic relations with Western Europe and the United States and as a member of NATO we hope to help provide support for the Read More

DRC country brief

Killian Fargas -- March 20, 2019
the Democratic republic of Congo also known as DRC is a central African country and the largest in sib-saharan Africa  its borders are the home to a population of 79 million people. the nation is a former dutch colony and gained its independence in 1960; since this independence the nation has gone threw civil war Read More


Shaikha Alsulaiman -- March 19, 2019
At present time, Iran is not a nuclear-weapon state despite the fact that it pursued a program to develop nuclear warheads in the past, had adhered to the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) since adoption in October 2015 and was verified by all quarterly IAEA reports. Iran also has the largest Read More


Annie Collins -- March 19, 2019
A main priority of Pakistan is to continue growing nuclear weapons and nuclear technologies. This is primarily to compete with India, which has long been a rival of Pakistan. As an ally to the United States and many other states, Pakistan is willing to discuss nuclear policies, but the primary goal will remain defense against Read More

France Country Brief

Nayr Rodriguez -- March 19, 2019
FRANCE Overall, France aims to work toward a safer world, forestalling threats to peace, respecting the right of legitimate self-defense, opting out of the arms race, and moving towards general and complete disarmament by means of multilateral approaches, normative regimes, and sometimes informal initiatives. France’s main objectives are to maintain and strengthen international peace and Read More


Chloe Lehnerz -- March 19, 2019
Objectives:     Ukraine is interested in security. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine agreed to give the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons based there to Russia, in exchange for security assurances from the US, the UK, and Russia. With the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the US’s general inaction, Ukraine’s Read More

United States Country Brief

Richard Perez -- March 19, 2019
United States of America   Overview: The top priority of the United States is to maintain a balance of power in the world by promoting peace and security through democratic values and human rights. By working with allies and trading with foreign nations, the United States hopes to preserve its own security as well as Read More

Republic of Uganda

Jocelyn Vangundy -- March 19, 2019
Summary: The Republic of Uganda strives toward greater arms control concerning SAWLS and has shown commitment toward achieving these goals. The country is signatory to multiple arms control treaties, and has developed greatly in past decades.  In contrast to such progress, the Republic of Uganda has recently shown signs of regression due to its involvement Read More

Participants to the Conflict

Position of the GCC

Kailyn Ribble -- April 17, 2018
First Committee of the General Assembly: Disarmament and International Security Modernization is a crucial element to a strong state in the international sphere. Saudi Arabia and the other members of the GCC are working to modernize the member nations and reassert primacy in the Middle East. The conflict in Syria has had extreme and lasting Read More

Syria Position

Kayla Duran -- April 16, 2018
The ongoing conflict in Syria between rebel and unfounded regimes and terrorists is an ongoing concern to the government and leader Bashar Al Assad. The Syrian civil war has been of cause for concern of several unwarranted countries interests. Since the beginning of the Civil War in 2011, the Syrian government has fought to end Read More

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Rawa Aziz -- April 16, 2018

Israel’s Position on regional affairs

Omed Isam -- April 15, 2018

Islamic Republic of Iran Position

Jesse Nickerson -- April 15, 2018

International Regimes/Organizations

United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs

Mark Ortiz -- April 17, 2018
THE UNITED NATIONS OFFICE FOR DISARMAMENT AFFAIRS (UNODA) Endorses the vision of promoting disarmament by overseeing efforts to deal with weapons of mass destruction (WMD), conventional weapons, and the arms trade. Upholds norm-setting in the area of disarmament through the work of the United Nations General Assembly. Fosters disarmament efforts through dialogue and transparency

Position of Interpol

Dominic Capolungo -- April 16, 2018
Dominic Capolungo Position of Interpol on Arms Control in the Middle East Interpol is an international institution that works on being the world police.  The goal for Interpol is to take individuals from the 192 member states and increase cooperation among states on the matter of a variety international security concerns.  We hope to act Read More

Wassanaar Arrangement Position

Gabrielle Mueller -- April 16, 2018

IAEA Position

Alexander Berg -- April 16, 2018
I: Stated mission and goals of nuclear oversight and non-proliferation organizations. In cooperative unison the IAEA, NSG and Zangger++ international regimes and organizations strive to affirm steadfast cooperation between states to safeguard the responsible use, disposal and proliferation of peaceful nuclear energy. From individual member state participation, our organizations have amassed and implemented imperative safeguards Read More

MTCR Position Paper

Rachel Gooding-Lord -- April 16, 2018
Co-Chair Rachel Gooding-Lord of Finland Missile Technology Control Regime Conference on Syrian Conflict Forming International Guidelines for Member and Non-Member States for the Counter Proliferation of Missile Technologies.  The Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) strongly believes in the importance of regulating and restricting the proliferation of missiles, complete rocket systems, unmanned air vehicles, and related Read More

Australia Group/OPCW Position

Jacqueline Young -- April 15, 2018
Australia Group/OPCW Position The Australia Group is a relatively informal forum of countries that works hard to ensure that exports around the world do not lead to the development of chemical or biological weapons. We work tirelessly to ensure that our participants satisfy the requirements that are set forth by both the Chemical Weapons Convention Read More

Treaty / Resolution Text

Treaty Text Verification

Dominic Capolungo -- May 1, 2018
Verification and Enforcement Each State Party shall take appropriate measures to enforce national laws and regulations that implement the provisions of this Treaty, This may include but is not limited to: -Political sanctions -Economic sanctions -Military action Each Party State shall work alongside International Organizations to assist in investigations, verification and enforcement, Each Party State Read More

US-Israel Resolution

Omed Isam -- April 25, 2018  

Treaty text

Kayla Duran -- April 23, 2018
Kayla Duran – Ambassador of Syria (Sorry this is so late thw sit kept saying I wasn’t authorized to post, some security issue??) Preamble The States Parties to this Treaty, Guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations,   Recalling Article 26 of the Charter of the United Nations which Read More

Turkish objections and recommendations to U.N. Charter

John Wurok -- April 22, 2018
Ambassador Wurok From: Turkey To: United Nations The General Assembly, My follow brethren, since its inception, the United Nations has produced successes as well as failures. In so far, the United Nations has succeeded in preventing another global war. Yet, it has failed to prevent genocides in the global south from happening. In addition, it Read More

Article 21 Signature, Ratification, Acceptance or Accession

Mark Ortiz -- April 22, 2018
Article 21 Signature, Ratification, Acceptance or Accession This Treaty shall be valid upon a two-thirds supermajority vote of a combination of Security Council Members and Parties to the Conflict Members.  Each signatory State will be given the opportunity of ratification, acceptance or approval of the Treaty.  Once a two-thirds supermajority of the Signatory Parties is reached, Read More

Treaty Text-Russia

Anastasiya Tkachenko -- April 22, 2018  
The States Parties to this Treaty, Guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, Recalling Article 26 of the Charter of the United Nations which seeks to promote the establishment and maintenance of international peace and security with the least diversion for armaments of the world’s human and economic resources, Read More

The People’s Republic of Korea Treaty

Rawa Aziz -- April 21, 2018
[pdf-embedder url=”https://asipss.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Treaty-Draft.pdf” title=”Treaty Draft”]

Treaty Excerpts

Natalia Corbo -- April 21, 2018

Treaty Text – International Disarmament Action Group

Rachel Gooding-Lord -- April 21, 2018
International Disarmament Action Group   Seeking: International cooperation, transparency, and technology denial   Group members: Rachel (MTCR), Brielle (Wassenaar Group), Jacqueline (OPCW), Alex (IAEA)   Additionally: Dominick (Interpol), Mark (UNODA)   Treaty for Conventional Weapons Disarmament in the Middle East (obviously this name will change)   Preamble: The States Parties to this Treaty, Guided by Read More

Islamic Republic of Iran Resolution

Jesse Nickerson -- April 21, 2018

Treaty Enforcement

Dominic Capolungo -- April 20, 2018
Article 14 Enforcement: Each State Party shall take appropriate measures to enforce national laws and regulations that implement the provisions of this Treaty. This may include but is not limited to: -Political sanctions -Economic sanctions -Military action Each Party State will work alongside International Organizations to assist in investigations, verification and enforcement.  


Kailyn Ribble -- April 20, 2018
Emphasizing a ban the use of weapons against the unarmed civilians in the region Recognizing the legitimacy of arms trade activities by the states in the region whose intentions are defensive and doesn’t involve violation of any state’s sovereignty and human rights abuse Underlining the need to prevent and eradicate the illicit trade in conventional Read More

Sample Documents

Intelligence Brief
[pdf-embedder url="https://asipss.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Bulletin-Sample.pdf" title="Bulletin Sample"]

Download and Print

UN Resolution

[pdf-embedder url="https://asipss.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Sample-UN-Resolution.pdf" title="Sample UN Resolution"]

Download and Print

International Treaty

[pdf-embedder url="https://asipss.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Arms-Trade-Treaty-Text.pdf" title="Arms Trade Treaty Text"]

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