USFP Instructions




United States Foreign Policy Council


General Roles that Apply to All Positions

  1. You’ll need to keep abreast of all events / conditions unfolding in the

individual countries of your area of expertise.

  1. You’ll need to be prepared to answer any questions posed to you about

events / conditions taking place in your area of expertise.

à It is very possible you won’t have an immediate answer, nevertheless

you should be familiar enough regional sources to find a quick response.

  1. You can “invent” crises as you please. Just be sure they are incremental in

nature and plausible.

  1. Leak information you feel might impact policies decisions/ acceptance in a

manner that is favorable to your agenda. These can go to or from any player

playing any role (e.g. your NSC position, country assignment of media role)

  1. Track spending and remaining budget allotment under your control.


Intelligence Specialists                                                                                                Due: Thursdays

  1. Write a minimum of four Bulletins alerting higher-up to unfolding events

and/or crises in the countries of your specific responsibility.

  1. Write one regional Threat Assessment identifying specific concerns in your

assigned region.


Section Chiefs                                                                                                             Due: Saturdays

  1. Write a minimum of two self-generated Area Assessments

-These are similar to bulletins, accept they evaluate regional conditions

rather than specific incidents.

  1. You’ll need to generate a region-wide Bulletin each week based on the

bulletins of Intelligences Specialist under your command as well as your

own research.


Department Heads                                                                                                       Due: Mondays

  1. Monitor and mine the entries of Intelligence Specialist and their Station

Chiefs for information pertinent to your area of expertise.

  1. Write a minimum of three Bulletins alerting all relevant participants to

unfolding challenges relevant to your area of expertise.

  1. Write one Threat Assessment altering all participants to the overall status

of your department, the threats your department faces, the resources

needed to effectively combat those threats.

  1. Immediately notify Principals in writing of emerging threats under your purview.


Principals                                                                                                                      Due: Wednesdays

  1. Prepare and deliver a worldview speech in which you set out the national

security agenda from your perspective and the most appropriate US response.

  1. Establish rules for communications, information flows, and various procedures.
  2. Monitor and mine the entries of Intelligence Specialist, their Station Chiefs,

and Department Heads for information pertinent to maintaining national and inter-

national security.

  1. Assess and prioritize threat responses. Prepare position papers highlighting

your recommended response. Prepare a set of “logics’ to defend your position.

  1. Prepare cost estimates for operational actions. Negotiate payment with other states.
  2. Prepare and submit legislative documentation to Congress and needed.



Principals Ideational Spectrum


Diplomatic Solutions                                           Neutral                                               Military Solutions




  • Secretary of States ●Dir. of Communications ●Chief of Staff
  • President of the United States ●Director of Nat Intel              Nat Sec. Advisor●





Special Duties



-Keep track of overall US Spending


Homeland Security

-Designate Operation Names