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The White House                                    Congress                                           Dept of Homeland Security                 US Int. Organization Membership               

The Department of State                      House Foreign Affairs Committee             Federal Bureau of Investigation           International Treaties                         

Pentagon/Unified Commands                Senate Foreign Relations Committee        Dept of Energy                                  US Trade Agreements 

Director of National Intelligence             USAID (Development)                              Dept of Commerce                            DipNote  (State Dept Blogs)                               


The Rand Corporation                                  The Bookings Inst                             Foreign Policy Journal                       Index of Journals

Center for Strategic and Int. Studies             Foreign Policy Research Inst.             Foreign Policy Magazine                    Foreign Relations of the US  (Historical Documents)

Council of Foreign Relations                          The Stimson Center                           Foreign Affairs Magazine

The Atlantic Council                                       International Crisis Group                  Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Americas                    Europe                        Africa                  MENA                   W. & S. Asia              North Asia

Canada                        United Kingdom            S. Africa                Egypt                    Afghanistan                 China

Mexico                         France                          Kenya                   Turkey                  Pakistan                       Japan

Columbia                      Germany                      Congo                  Israel                     India                            South Korea

Venezuela                     Italy                              Nigeria                 Saudi Arabia           Philippines                    North Korea

Brazil                            Russia                           Somalia                Iran                       Australia


United Nations                             Security                                         Conflict Mitigation                         Economic 

General Assembly                           UN First Committee                           UN Office for Disarmament               World Bank

Security Council                             Conference on Disarmament.            UN Office of Peacekeeping                International Monetary Fund   

Int. Maritime Organization               Int. Atomic Energy Agency               UN Peacebuilding Commission           UN Industrial Development

Economic & Social Council              Comprehensive Nuke Test Ban          Int. Org. for Migration                      Environment

International Court of Justice          Prohibition of Chem. Weapons          World Food Programme                  UN Environment Programme

International Criminal Court            Biological Weapons Convention         UN Development Programme          Health

International Police [INTERPOL]      UN Conventional Arms Treaty           UN Office on Drugs and Crime         World Health Organization 

CIA World Factbook                          Freedom House               Global Terrorism                 SIPRI (Global Arms ) 

BBC Country Profiles                         World Health Org.

World Bank Country Profiles             World Trade Org.

Complete Collection of United Nations Databases


Anderson Academic Commons              International Relations Databases by Topic   

Auraria Library                                       List of International Studies Journals

Denver Public Library

Links to Media Outlets

The Hill                                  CNN                         Christian Science Monitor                         Financial Times

The New York Times              FOX                          The Federalist                                         The Wall Street Journal

Washington Post                  CBSN                        The Nation

Los Angeles Times                MSNBC                     

L. A.  News Agency          Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina)           El Colombiano               Mexico News Daily


Univision                         BBC Brazil (Portuguese)                        A.M. Costa Rica               AVN (Venezuela)


Agencia EFE                    The Santiago Times (Chili)                     Granma (Cuba)    

BBC World               Deutsch Welle            ANSA (Italy)                    Dutch News                       The Warsaw Voice           TASS (Russia)             EU Observer

Sky News                 El Pais                         Vienna Times                  The Nordic Page                 BELTA (Belarus)              Civil.Ge (Georgia)         

France 24                Irish Times                   Belgium Times                Ekathimerini (Greece)           UNIAN (Ukraine)             Hurriyet (Turkey)

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al Jazeera                                      Hürriyet (Turkey)                      SANA (Syria)                                  Non-State Actors

al Arabiya                                      Saudi Gazette (S. A.)                 The Daily Star (Lebanon))               ARA News (Kurds-Syria) 

M.E. News Agency                         al Ahram (Egypt)                      United Arab Eremites                      WAFA (Pal. Authority)   

World Bulletin                                IRNA (Iran)                                Iraqi News                                      al Aqsa TV (HAMAS)

MEMRI                                          Fars News (Iran)                         Yemen                                           Hezbollah (Lebanon)                                                                                  

Arab News                                    Haaretz (Israel)                           Libya                                              Dabiq (ISIS)

i24news                                        Jerusalem Post (Israel)                                                                      Shahada (al-Qeada -SO)


Asia Today                           KCNA (North Korea)                   Focus Taiwan       |    The Times of  India                    BSS (Bangladesh)    

Xinhua (China)                    Chosun Ilbo (South Korea)         Thailand News       |    The Times of Islamabad             The Himalayan (Nepal)

NHK World (Japan)             ANTARA News (Indonesia)          Viet’Nam News       |    Khaama Press (Afghanistan)  

ABC News (Australia)           PNA  (Philippines)                                                     |     News Now (Taliban)  

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