USNS position role

                     US National Security Council                                    


Mena Station Chief

Martin Widzer -- April 4, 2020

Primary Role- Dir. of Communications

Lisa Avila -- April 3, 2020

Primary Role

Melissa Randall -- April 3, 2020
Primary Role: Chief of Staff The White House Chief of Staff oversees the Executive Office of the President (EOP) and is an adviser to POTUS. The responsibilities of the chief of staff are both managerial and advisory in nature and include the following: • Gatekeeper to the President • Structure the White House staff system Read More

Primary Role

Adrian Hood -- April 2, 2020


Breonna Alcon -- April 1, 2020

Pre-simulation paper

Alexa Burgess -- March 30, 2020

Intel Officer MENA Position

Eric Riggs -- March 30, 2020

Intelligence Officer Role: Russian and the Stans

Patrick Burrows -- March 30, 2020


Caitlin Green -- March 29, 2020

Role Description – Sec. of Homeland Security and CDC

Lauren Ore -- March 29, 2020 (2 comments)

Secretary of Defense _ position paper

Geoffrey Hatcher -- March 28, 2020

Role Description – Congressional Liaison

Jessie Nickerson -- March 26, 2020

International Institutions and Organizations


International Court of Justice

Michael Martinez -- April 7, 2020

World Health Organization

Michael Onksen -- April 6, 2020

Primary role

Samantha Ashman -- April 3, 2020

NATO Secretary General – Position Paper

Laura Herrera -- April 2, 2020
  American National Security Laura Herrera Spring 2020 Primary Role: As NATO Security General, it is my objective and my duty to guarantee the freedom and security of NATO’s members through political and military means. NATO promotes democratic values and enables members to consult and cooperate on defense and security-related issues to solve problems, build Read More

United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs

Carson Lipe -- April 2, 2020


Breonna Alcon -- April 1, 2020

High Commissioner on Human Rights-Position paper

Julieta Nunez -- April 1, 2020

IAEA’s primary role

Shaikha Alsulaiman -- April 1, 2020
The International Atomic Energy Agency’s mission is to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world. It shall ensure, so far as it is able, that assistance provided by it or at its request or under its supervision or control is not used in such a way Read More

Jordan Primary Role

Aleister Rice -- March 30, 2020

World Food Program – Position Paper

Mckenna Bird -- March 29, 2020

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