Widzer Shortcode Reference

Here is the shortcode from Widzer’s Revenge and what it does (if you copy shortcode remove the asterix when you paste):


[*asipss_ticker] – adds a horizontally scrolling news ticker.

[*alertdisplay]  – Displays all alerts.

[*allnews] will display all current news.

[*chatter] -displays the appropriate chat boxes for a simulation. There are three chat boxes that can be used.  Identify the desired chat by adding thechat=chat1id (or chat2id for the second chat box and chat3id for the third chatbox).

[*chatbig] – works like chatter but adds a full page chat box.

–Deleted [*consolidcab] – displays a posts sent to the primary role of a participant. Replaced by mail_display

–Deleted [*consolidamb] – displays a posts sent to the secondary role of a participant. Replaced by mail_display

[*datacord] – displays an accordion with a note taking area and an information screen (countries, budgets and tranquility score)

[*decodetick] -displays scrolling decoder.

 [*editsimrole] – allows user to edit his/her roles.

[*editsiminfo] – allows user to edit name and password.

[*fropo] Puts a frontier post, poster on the page.  Note the frontier post shortcode [*frontier-post] must be somewhere on the page, preferably in a hidden div.

[*geoposts] – will display all current posts for the regions.

[*geoposts geo=’Americas’] , [*geoposts geo=’w.europe’], [*geoposts geo=’e.europe’], [*geoposts geo=’russia’], [*geoposts geo=’mena’], [*geoposts geo=’s.sahara’], [*geoposts geo=’s.asia’], [*geoposts geo=’n.asia’], [*geoposts geo=’oceana’] Displays the posts for a given America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia Posts, South Asia Posts, Sub Saharan Africa Posts, Oceana Posts, Mena Posts in a given simulation

[*iarchive] – displays a toggle with this weeks and nextweek’s intelligence briefings (or anything defined as issue1 in the admin system)

[*mail_display] -Displays all dossiers for all user roles

[*mapfinder] – places the right map related to a user on the map

[*mapframe] – used on map page to display map (on dashboard used by mapfinder).

[*mrgmp] -displays markers and allows user to manage markers.

[*newissue] – will display all current posts for the five issue areas (or use issuelist).

[*participants] – displays a participant’s directory. 

[*past_participants] -displays table of alumni who have been cleaned from simulations.

[*treatyposts] – will display all current treaties and conferences (signed treaties will be separated out).

Other Shortcode

simvatar – adds an uploaded avatar to a space

deadline – shows a current deadline for a sim objective

countdown – creates a countdown clock for a sim objective

csstext – will make a css text based on flags in the flags directory (if flags need to be updated)

sim_official – will display the participant’s real name

upgme – this shortcode must accompany the map if there are moving markers on the map.


Resources all connect to specific functions that drive what they do.  This works by a short code that is placed in the icon file that defines them.  Codes and their corresponding functions are:

iu and ine = spy
iu2 = cyberattack
iri and invi = verify
inc = cyberintel

dui, dic and dapu negotiations
dab, dug, duit, duma, dap, dnb, dng, dnp and dni = treaty

euha, eu1, eni and enfa = aid

eu2 and ens = sanctions

eta = tarrifs
ecop = cooperation payment

mna = nofly zone

acp = control panel