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From: Ambassador Wurok

Turkey is facing accusations of using chemical weapons against Kurdish forces in Afri

Mentoring groups and Syrian media have accused Turkey of using the forbidden sarin gas against the Kurdish forces in Afrin. The Turkish government have denied these accusations. Yasin Aktay, chief advisor to President Erdogan, said: “ It is out of the question for Turkey to use an internationally prohibited war tool in Afrin.” Mr. proceed to say, “The Afrin operation, and the Syrian war in general, have become a war of propaganda. And Turkey’s rivals are trying to make up for the war they are losing on the ground through this propaganda.”

To counter Turkish government denial, Hediye Yusuf, a Syrian Kurdish politician posted of the alleged victims of sarin gas on Twitter. Mr. Yusuf claims were backed up The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). SOHR, a UK-based mentoring group said that six people were wounded and were unable to breathe normally. To this, the Syrian doctors said that six people were being hospitalized due to suffocation from poisonous gas.          

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