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From: Ambassador Duran

Syria Position

The ongoing conflict in Syria between rebel and unfounded regimes and terrorists is an ongoing concern to the government and leader Bashar Al Assad. The Syrian civil war has been of cause for concern of several unwarranted countries interests. Since the beginning of the Civil War in 2011, the Syrian government has fought to end the civil unrest in our country, that has brought on slew of terrorist regimes attacking Syrian people. But the struggle of the government has only been fraught with anti-government propaganda from the west, particularly the United States. Despite destroying our Chemical Weapons supply and complying with OPCW standards, the United States has continued to level accusation against the Syrian government citing the use of chemical weapons by the government when the use of chemical weapons should be leveled at the rebels and terrorist organizations, using chemical weapons again Syrian civilians to continue to monger anti-government propaganda. Syria has been a follower Chemical Weapons Convention since they signed onto it in 2013, and has followed the laws stipulated in the convention ever since. But rather than supporting the sovereignty of the Syrian government, and President Bashar Al Assad, the United States continues to support terrorist organizations, and is using the use of chemical weapons as reason for military action in Syria.

The Syrian government is very concerned with the ongoing conflict and protecting civilian lives. Our strongest ally in settling this ongoing conflict, is Russia. Despite this American and British officials continue to level accusations against Russia in attempts to undermine Russia’s progress in helping to settle the conflict in Syria. Russia continues to cite the ongoing efforts of the Syrian government to protect citizens, such as opening corridors to evacuate civilians from war torn areas. However these corridors have been flooded by terrorists, and Syria has received little help from the United Nations, which continues to be flooded with accusations from the United States, leveled against the Syrian government.

The Syrian government will continue to warn the US against any military action against Syria or in Syria. The Deputy Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mahmoud al-Shawwa said on Wednesday that the presence of any foreign military forces on Syrian territory without approval of Syrian government is a clear aggression and occupation, and it will be dealt with accordingly. The United States government has not been a savior of civilian life as seen by its bombings in the Syrian city, Raqqa. A total of 658 civilians who returned to the city ended up being injured by landmines, while another 130 were killed. Those US-led coalition bombings killed thousands of civilians and conditions for the safe return of civilians have not been created nor has the US government attempted to help the Syrian government create them, despite being the perpetrator of the devastation. And the civilians who have returned, face danger everyday.

This is different from areas that the Syrian government forces liberated with the assistance of the Russian Aerospace Force, such as Aleppo, Deir ez-Zor and Eastern Ghouta. People there are receiving humanitarian aid, demining is underway, infrastructure facilities are being restored and state institutions are being re-established all due to the alliance between Russia and Syria. This is not the only pressure the Syrian government is facing from the west, focusing the Syrian government to deal with political propaganda rather than helping its citizens. Syria opposes the International Partnership against Impunity for the Use of Chemical Weapons which was instituted by France as an attempt to ignore international legitimacy mechanisms and adopt a politicized mechanism that serves the agendas of states seeking to accuse the Syrian government at any cost and saving the real perpetrators who used chemical weapons against Syrian civilians from punishment. The simple fact is that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are uprooting terrorism, in Syria and protecting the country’s citizens. Syria’s desire is to continue the open intra-Syrian dialogue, national reconciliation, and reconstruction. This conflict should be handled among the Syrian people, not outside foreign adversaries trying to push their political agenda. Despite the forcing of the west’s, intentions to set up their own influence in Syria, Syria continues to hold the support of guarantor countries (Russia, Turkey, and Iran). The presidents of these countries have stressed their support for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and continued anti-terrorism efforts.

Leader Bashar Al Assad asserted in a recent meeting with the Assistant to the Iranian Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hussein Jabri Ansari that, “The Syrian People alone are the decision makers when it comes to whatever future political choices related to Syria and none is allowed to have this very decision making.” They Syrian government will not be manipulated into making choices that benefit outside adversaries over its own people. Syria further opposes the US’s placement in Syria as it is infringes on their sovereignty. Syria believes that UNSC should speak against the massacres committed by the US and hold the international coalition responsible for the killing and wounding of thousands of civilians, and to pay compensation to the families of the victims. The US-led coalition should be dissolved as Syria regards it as a force of protection and support to terrorism.

Furthermore, the US presence in Syria violates the UNSC Resolution No. 2254 which preserves Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. The 2nd article of the UN Charter also stipulates respecting sovereign equality of all UN members, mutual non-use of military force, and non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs. It states specifically “All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.”

Syria wants to assert that US has no place in Syria as it is an adversary for the terrorist organizations within the country. Syria would like to continue to work with its allies in Russia, Turkey, and Iran, who have more of a place in the region rather than a western actor. Syria’s desire is to handle this civil unrest internally with help from regional actors. Syria would like for the UN to step in and bar the US from inserting themself into Syrian interests and for all aid and action to come from the United Nations and for the United States to be held accountable for their actions in Syria. This would allow Syria to better address the needs of its citizens rather than play part in the political game that the US is waging against Syria. Syria would like to see the current regime stay in place as it is of benefit for our citizens and will give stability and further assert sovereignty. Syria would like to see the reuniting of the country and rebuilding infrastructure and confidence in government over the next five to ten years. It is also the Syrian government’s goal to gain more autonomy and influence in the region not having to rely on allies as the country currently needs to due to the civil war in the country. Syria desires to see citizens who have been forced to evacuate the country return once the war is over and safety concerns have been addressed. Syria’s main goal is the health, safety, and happiness of its citizens and that’s what Syria hopes to achieve in the next ten years.

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