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From: OPCW / Australia Group

Syria Denys OPCW Access to Facilites







Intelligence Bulletin

The Hauge — 22 April 2018

13:53 TRT [UTC + 2:00]

Subject: Syrians Turn Away OPCW Inspectors

Type: Human Rights Violations

Status: Elevated


At approximately 07:00 this morning, the Syrian government once again turned away OPCW Inspectors who had come to verify that there were no longer any chemical weapons at suspected facilities within Syrian territory. The Syrian President Al-Assad, with support of the Russian government were quick to argue that after the United States airstrike on suspected chemical weapons facilities, the they needed time to recuperated and were not required to allow the OPCW to investigate.


The OPCW as well as NATO are unable to verify that there are no longer chemical weapons in Syria

It cannot be confirmed if the Syrian government has violated the CWC

Requested Response:

The UN imposes economic sanctions on Syria as an attempt to pressure them into allowing inspectors to gain access to their facilities. If that does not persuade the Syrian government into participating, it will be recommended that harsher sanctions are imposed as well as possible NATO intervention.

Failure to Act:

The possibility of another chemical weapons attack on the Syrian people will occur. Resulting in another massive violation of human rights as well as numerous injuries and death among the citizens of Syria.

Recommended Response:

International sanctions placed against the Syrian government in order to pressure them into allowing inspectors access to Syria and their facilities. It is absolutely vital that these sanctions be imposed swiftly in order to best begin applying the pressure.


Without verification it is incredibly likely that another chemical weapons attack will be used by the Syrian government against their citizens. This results in continual human rights violations as well as violations of the CWC that Syria is party to.

Cost Estimate:

$4.5 Billion Dollars


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