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From: Special Envoy on Climate Change

RE: Invitation to Immigration crisis: 2 – 16 Oct 2018

You are cordially invited to Immigration crisis: 2 – 16 Oct 2018 to be held in Costa Rica. You may communicate with other participants by posting to mailing list “Immigration crisis”.
RSVP here by paying for your participation. The purpose is to Address immigration coming from Venezuela .

  1. Ambassador -Inactive-

    It’s true that working together to create a Latin American alliance would increase the power of Latin America both politically and economically. Pooling our resources would certainly make for a huge economic boost and challenge the economies of the US and other Western powers. Though pooling resources and eliminating trade disputes may unite and increase the power of Latin America, there may still be disagreement within Latin America that would prevent the alliance to go as far as standardizing currency. One particular obstacle is the fact that the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Saint Lucia (the Lima group) have recognized that the electoral process held in Venezuela does not comply with international standards for a democratic free, fair and transparent zone and have agreed that they will downgrade the level of their diplomatic relations with Venezuela. This could make it difficult to come to agreements both politically and economically with the Venezuelan government in the case of the creation of a treaty. Despite this, the Lima group has also considered making financial contributions to internal organizations that are based on strengthening the institutional capacities of countries in the region to address migratory flows of Venezuelans.

  2. Ambassador -Inactive-

    The only way to avert total collapse in Venezuela and other Latin American countries facing similar social issues is for all Latin American countries to work together. We each have a vast amount of resources ranging from petroleum to mineral goods. We each have a population of citizens who have been left to their own devices as a means of making a living. We each have been suppressed by other western powers for far too long. Brazil would like to propose the Latin American Alliance. This alliance could see each of our countries be more prosperous than ever before. Should we standardize our currencies, eliminate trade disputes, pool resources, and protect one another, there Is no reason as to why Latin America can not prosper. The immigration crisis Venezuela currently faces comes from its stubbornness to help its middle and lower classes. Surly, this is an issue none of us envy, but that does not mean we can not help. What effects Venezuela will surly effect each and every one of us. So it will take all of us to collectively solve this issue as best we can.

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