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From: President Perez

New Infographic Illustrates the Crumbling Foundations of U.S-Russian Arms Control

Summary: This article discusses the current situations of the United States and Russia in relation to the INF Treaty. The INF Treaty ( Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty) bans the usage of cruise missiles and land-based ballistic missiles that have a range of 500-5,000 km. This treaty was signed by Reagan and Gorbachev on December 8, 1987 during the Cold War. The United States has made a formal notice to withdraw, and will officially be withdrawn August 2, 2019 if no resolution is reached.  


Significance: With less than six months from the United States officially withdrawing from the INF Treaty, there will need to be many meeting between the U.S and Russia. This treaty does not affect the United States directly, but does affect its European allies. If the United States and Russia withdraw from the INF Treaty, then European security may be in jeopardy. Along with European security, confidence building in Europe becomes a problem as well. It may be in the best interest of both the U.S and Russia to find a resolution before August 2. If no resolution can be made, then the threat of future withdraws from other treaties may be a reality as well.


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