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From: President Blanco

Paths Forward on Action-for-Action Process for Denuclearization and A Peace Regime for the Korean Peninsula

This article analyses how even with the summit in Singapore North Korea is still developing nuclear weapons. It explains how the U.S. should, get on the same page in terms of “Denuclearization,” solidify diplomatic ties with North, and reach agreement that would satisfy both parties to an extent.  All of this while keeping in consideration, that Kim will not give up these weapons as long as he feels his rule could be in danger.

Significance: The Singapore summit was indeed a milestone, but it did give us an exact plan of when and how Denuclearization of the Korean peninsula will occur. The highest concern being that the U.S. and Kim regime are not speaking the same language. The U.S. calls for a nuclear weapons ban, the North expects a departure of U.S. troops to from South Korea. If this is not addressed in an orderly fashion, we could risk hostilities between the Korea’s to rise again.

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