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From: Secretary General Fargas

Convention On Prohibitions Or Restrictions On The Use Of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May Be Deemed To be Excessively Injuries Or To Have Indiscriminate Effects

The Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons composes of three annexed protocols on October 10 1980 and was signed by 50 nations on December 2 1983  these efforts are to preventive in a effort to cease deployment of weapons that can cause unjustifiable suffering to combatants and surrounding civilian population weather they are signatories or not. It as promotes disarmament through its annexed protocols.

Significance: This convention creates a working environment to tie the signatories to policy that restrict developing new deadly weapons and continues to annex conventions and protocols such as the 1949 Geneva convention that created protections for human rights. The hope is that it can aide in disarmament with a process that only requires a state to ratify  and sign the convention.

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