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From: Ayatollah Alsulaiman

$12 billion weapons worth to Qatar

The article discusses the issue of Trump selling $12 billion worth of weapons to Qatar despite the fact that Trump is against Qatar supporting Iran and terrorism. It also discusses the issue of how it is affecting other countries in the Gulf region (U.A.E and Saudi Arabia).


Significance: This article is significant because $12 billion worth of weapons being sold is considered to be a large amount of money and a big number of weapons. Also, since Trump is against Qatar’s supporting Iran and terrorism, then “they need them” as a reason to sell them weapons is not an enough reason. Additionally, making sure where and how these weapons will be used should be a known factor before authorizing such a thing. Lastly, this issue is significant because it can make the ties between the three countries above more tense and make it more complicated to fix the conflict that has been going on for almost two years now.


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