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From: President Perez

Extending New START Is in America’s National Security Interest

Summary: This article talks about the benefits and potential alternatives of extending the New START treaty. This article gives a short history of the treaty and the significance of having the treaty in place. The article also outlines major players in nuclear proliferation talks in relation to the New START treaty.


Significance: In this article, it discuss the New START treaty. The article gives information about how the New START treaty is to help reduce the amount of nuclear forces that Russia and the U.S possess. Along with reduction, the New START treaty also ensures both nations can look oversee each others facilities through inspections, and notify each other with any information surrounding their strategic nuclear forces or facilities. The writer suggest that the U.S and Russia begin preparing for the 2021 deadline now, in order to help extended the treaty or be ready to renegotiate it, or create a new treaty in its place. The writer suggest if the U.S is to renegotiate the treaty, they should keep the main parts of the treaty and try to negotiate the amount of nuclear forces each country gets, since that seems to be the main problem critics in the U.S have with the treaty. The article shows how the New START treaty is important and one that should be extended with the five year option, or at least create a similar treaty with the main points of the New START treaty.

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