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From: Chairman Lee

The UN Takes a Big Step Forward on Cybersecurity

Summary: The article speaks about a summit between The US, Russia, and China.  In the summit they assigned 15 experts and they explain the vulnerabilities in the cyber-security realm and what measures are being put in place.  The US and Russia have confidence building measures such as cyber-specific crisis communication channels, and direct hotlines.  There has been a push for international humanitarian laws to cyberspace.  Russia has accepted these laws, but China thinks that these advances could be counterintuitive in preventing offensive cyber-weapons.

Significance:  These actions have been really important in the fight against cyber-offense.  Although no law was passed for cyber-neutrality, there is more conversation between the states which will help against unwanted cyber attacks and weapons.  The article was posted in 2013 there was talks of having another summit in the next year with even more experts.  These are all good, but the important issue is what comes next.  Will these states eventually come to agreements on laws and regulations or will it cause more conflicts?

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