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From: Agent Metzler

South Africa: from nuclear armed state to disarmament hero

South Africa ratified the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). This marks a bold step for South Africa, making it a leader in the pursuit of total disarmament of all nations. ICAN is proud of South Africa and the steps they have taken from having a development program to dismantling their arsenal and lobbying against WMDs.

Review: South Africa has a long history with atomic energy and nuclear weapons given the nation’s generous amounts of Uranium as a commodity. South Africa began its weapons program in 1973, and converted it to a military program in 1977. By 1989 when the nation ended its program, they had 6 bombs. In 1989 the government ended their program, and by 1991 they had joined the NPT. In 1998 then President Nelson Mandela championed non-proliferation before the UN.

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