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From: President Perez

Experts from Asia Explore New Approaches to Prevention of Accidents and Misuse of Chemicals

Summary: This article talks about a seminar that took place between States in Asia and even parts of Europe. These seminar talked about safety and security of chemical weapons. The seminar was held by the OPCW and worked towards building relations in the Asia.


Significance: In this article, the OPCW held a seminar to communicate ideas about safety and security of chemical weapons. In the seminar, the OPCW talked about how it has been working in the region to work towards educating countries on the importance of safe storage of chemicals and weapons. One of the major points to come out of these talks was the discussion of getting the countries experts involved more. This may even be how the usage of education can help achieve the safe and security goal. The OPCW also talked about how the countries in the region should communicate often, practice sharing information with each other, and work towards building better relations. This seminar had over 16 OPCW member states, National Authorities, experts in chemicals, and the the industry. This lead to a meeting of sixty-six participants attending this seminar.

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