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From: President Blanco

Use of German weapon systems in Yemen – For a comprehensive arms embargo against the war coalition

Summary: This article is a brief explanation of the “Khashoggi moratorium” an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia from purchasing German weapons. Both of these countries and many others are involved in the conflict in Yemen and are attempting to end the violence somehow. After the news of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the murder of a journalist in Turkey. Germany and other countries took that as a reason to restrict the sale of weapons to the Saudis.

Implications, this is a daring move by the German government. The United States being the highest seller of small arms to Saudi Arabia, decided not to condemn its actions of towards the murder of a journalist. Here other countires are taking the steps that the U.S. was afraid to make. Considering the presidents reputation, he may not learn from our ally’s action, but it would be beneficial for us to learn from the German’s.

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