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From: UN Press Secretary Lehnerz

OPCW Moves to Update Banned Chemicals List

For the first time since 1997, the OPCW is moving to expand the list of banned chemicals. This change follows the chemical weapon attack on a Russian spy and his daughter in the United Kingdom. The particular chemical used in this attack was not previously listed as a Schedule 1 chemical. The EU and the US have also imposed sanctions on those who committed this attack. It is assumed to have been Russian agents. These sanctions prevent travel and freeze assets of those involved.

Impact:┬áThe update to this list is a strong move in a modern direction. As chemicals evolve and science becomes more advanced with advanced technology, it is important to continue to update the list of chemicals that could be weaponized. The sanctions imposed on those who use chemical weapons set a global expectation–these weapons are not to be used, and those who choose to use them will see punishment.

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