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From: Prime Minister Prince

Turkey Position Paper

Good Morning everyone, I would liked to start with a quote from the President of Turkey  “The world is more than five” President Erdogan said this when he address the United Nations Security council in 2014. So we need think of the world more then five countries. Turkey may have its own problems right now with Syrian refugees coming through our country but the main focus of Turkey right now is the arms control issue. Turkey would like to work on disarmament, and non proliferation in the goal of ensuring safety and peace. Turkey is a member of the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Chemical Weapons Convention, Biological Weapons Convention and founding member of Wassenaar Arrangement. Along with disarmament to work on ensuring peace and safety  we support the alternative Austrian initiative for humanitarian aid.Venezuela, we support Maduro and believe that the United States is in the wrong for declaring the opposition leader that declared himself as president.Maduro, we are with you and we will support you and stay by your side. So as the Prime Minister of Turkey I pledge to invest in Venezuela as an economic partner.

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