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From: Secretary General Rodriguez

Paths Forward on Action-for-Action Process for Denuclearization and A Peace Regime for the Korean Peninsula

This article explains the recent changes in the progress towards denuclearization and peace between not only North and South Korea, but between the U.S. as well. It goes into detail about the stagnate progress from all three countries and how U.S. relations with North Korea have not always been the best. It also explains denuclearization and peace in terms of the Korean Peninsula as well as how they are to get back on track to actually taking actions to denuclearize and bring peace to the region.


While the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula would be ideal, this is simply unrealistic. U.S.-North Korean relations have always been rocky to say the least. Kim’s recent (and seemingly out of character) push for denuclearization is a little more than suspicious. Talks about North and South Korea becoming one again are also questionable. Who would be put in charge? What type of government would there be? Would there be one body of government or many? How can we rely on Kim’s word that he will denuclearize and that Korea will be one again if he is so unknown and isolated?

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