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From: Intelligence Specialist - Russia and China

China increases hostility in Hong Kong

Flash Bulletin

Hong Kong – 19 November 2019

17:50 EEST

Subject: China has intensified its human atrocities against Hong Kong

Status: Heightened


In response to the Honk Kong Human Rights Bill passed by the senate, the Chinese Government established Martial Law in Hong Kong and has begun the shoot at protesters with bullets, causing a high casualty rate. In addition, China has furthered the trade war by prohibiting the import of US gas and oil as well as auto shipments.


It is recommended that The United States continues its support for the Democracy in Honk Kong. Neighboring countries such as Taiwan and Nepal are also concerned of China’s future action due to the precedent being set in Hong Kong. It is recommended that military troops are sent to these countries to show support for sovereignty and to pressure China to stop the violence and political intervention in Hong Kong. In regards to trade, the US should continue fostering relations with South East Asian countries and to encourage trade with them.


Military Assistance: 10 Million

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