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From: Intel Officer - Europe

Intel-Officer Bulletin 1- Brexit


Intelligence Specialist Europe- Anne Collins


Station Chief NATO

Chief of Staff

Secretary of Defense



Intelligence Bulletin

United Kingdom, – 3 April, 2020

15:45 [UTC – 4:00]


Subject: Johnson and his government
must decide whether or not to extend the transition period of Brexit past its
expiration date of 31 December, 2020


Type: Trade


Status: Normal



Due to the Corona Virus, negotiations and talks between the EU and the UK have come to a halt. By July 1, Johnson and his team must decide if the transition period of Brexit is to continue past this year. The transition allows for relatively frictionless trade between the UK and the EU. During the current pandemic, keeping trade open and simple allows for the many imports of the UK to continue, like medical supplies, toilet paper, and fresh food. However, extending Brexit’s timeline yet again does damage the political dignity Johnson is so often fighting for.


It is recommended that the UK extend the transition period into 2021. Due to the current situation concerning COVID-19, it is crucial to maintain as much stability as possible throughout the crisis and into the inevitable economic recession that is soon to follow. It is also recommended that as soon as it is practical to do so, talks between the UK and the EU must continue so that a sustainable trade plan can be put in place.

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