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New Alliance Forming

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China, Russia, and Iran have been meeting between the three countries in secret for the past couple of months according to a government insider. This insider also stated that they are looking at forming an alliance between the three. While the extent of the alliance is unknown at this time, with recent military tension in the South China Sea and Ukraine, this may be the start of a military alliance. But this is nothing new for China and Russia, the inclusion of Iran is rather mysterious and somewhat worrying for the nuclear community. If China and Russia are sharing nuclear technology with Iran this could jeopardize the entire MENA region. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, there has not been any sharing of information nor progress with Iran, it is still at the forefront of most Western minds. Iran was caught recently attempting to steal nuclear technology but with the renegotiation of the JCPOA, it is doubtful any repercussions will occur as it will most likely be written into the new deal. 


In other news, China has also been meeting with Myanmar which could prove to be useful for China and the region in general. This could allow for more stability and greater trade in the region. 


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