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China Enters Taiwan

China recently deployed naval vessels to the South China Sea as a routine deployment for their island project. But this routine deployment quickly turned into something very different. Shortly after 2 am there are reports of Chinese ships firing rockets at key military instillations on the island of Taiwan. Some of the bases were able to respond in time before most of the rockets hit the area but a few were not able to. Minutes after the barrage from ships, missiles and rocket artillery were launched from the Fujian region of China. These rockets were aimed strategic landing sites for Chinese Marines and soldiers alike. For some time now the Chinese were able to hold the airspace and reports of the first and second wave landing being successful, the fate of Taiwan is looking rather grim with no response from the United States or regional allies. 

China did release a press briefing this morning stating “The events occurring in the South China Sea and off the coast of China are strictly China’s business and should not be meddled with by other international power. The Chinese people should be united under One China, and soon enough all ethnic Chinese will be. Lastly, there are reports of a massive build up of forces on the Northern Myanmar border. This region also heavily favoring people of Chinese decent. More news updates to follow. 

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