class=”sg-iframe-popup-1″ to the anchor url code of a link ( After Admin Fixes )
Post Update Fixes:

View Media Button – Fix

1) Go to Users
2) Select USER ROLES Editor
3) Choose contributor in top box. (Select Role and change its capabilities  = Contributor)
4) Scroll down to: frontier_ post_can_media  and check the box

(Note, this is a user role associated with frontier post (not native to the user roles).  It might get deleted or reset if something else updates the user roles, hence, this occurrence could happen again)

5) Scroll back up and click Update


Hello I am here provides video conferencing to the site. The plugin itself is edited to link with users in asipss. As such, DO NOT UPDATE THE PLUGIN. If it is updated two edits need to be made to the plugin files. 1) The hello-here-show-meet.js file needs to have this line — display_name: ajax_var.operator, — changed from — display_name: ‘operator’, — (line 10) and line 6 code should be changed to code: ‘3032887’, and 2) The class-hello-here-public.php file needs to have this line added — ‘operator’ => __($_SESSION[‘oname’]), after the url line (line 137).

FIX (I think)

I am pretty sure  Problem is: Ultimate User ((??))

Default Users Roles Users

First Opition  = Default New User Role

Need to select Contributor   BUT it isn’t there!


Need to change about 5 line of code somewhere around line 212

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